At SFA, correct form and technique is paramount, by picking up and teaching members the correct form we can minimize the risk of injury. Its always better to do less weight with correct technique, then more more weight with bad technique.
  • Our classes are structured in a 10 circuit base, where you work in pairs under a certain time. By limiting the amount of members per class, allows our trainers to have a more ‘one on one’ approach building both trust and comrade.
  • We conduct fitness tests and DEXA scans that allow us to record and present each member with results to ensure motivation is maintained.
  • Our trainers are experienced, fun and motivated to get you into peak condition, safely. They are easy to approach with outgoing personalities.
  • All our equipment is brand new, and we endeavor to provide the most up to date training methods and gym appearance.
  • We have brand new facilities for you to use in a showers and male/female bathrooms.
  • Our ‘Agoge’ competitions are scheduled throughout the year, and it gives our members the chance to show off their fitness progress against other members in a fun environment.
  • Our classes run for an hour split into three sections 5mins to come in get ready and do some dynamic warm up, then 45mins for the main class, followed by a 10min cool down, stretch and time to pack up.
  • We will also have a weekly blog/newsletter which will inform our members of upcoming events, fitness facts, meals of the week plus much more.