Jay and Andrew are the founders and senior trainers at Spartan Fitness Academy. Both Andrew and Jay are hardcore fitness enthusiast who will push you to your limits. Both of them provide vast knowledge in strength, conditioning and achieving personal fitness throughout their years of training. Specifically in “Agoge” style training. This is the most unique aspect of the gym in that it utilities ancient training styles to get clients moving and thinking about their bodies differently.

At the Spartan academy, training isn’t just a way to stay physically fit, it is a way for our people to understand themselves better, what motivates them, what makes them tick and how to achieve fitness / (life goals)! Often understanding ourselves at this level; working through pain and its barriers, poor self talk and low esteem, we defy all of this through movement, training hard, blood, sweat and tears. Conquering these aspects in the gym can have a direct reflection on how we live our lives.

Spartans grow in confidence by setting goals, turning up to their workouts, pushing boundaries and being held accountable by their Spartan coaches to stay on track and keep going.

We love to see our Spartans reach their fullest potential!

The Academy offers classes and training experiences using high quality innovative equipment that encourages you to explore new challenges and activities; such as “agoge” (ancient spartan style training methodology) the ‘insane’ assault bike sessions and ‘power’ rower classes.

Spartans Jay and Andrew are sure to push even the most hardcore workout enthusiast to reach new limits in their fitness regime.

The academy strives to teach you the right way to work out so you can train smarter and harder, polish form and technique to improve strength and efficiency.

Are you spartan fit? Come and join us for a work-out today!