Spartan Fitness Academy is Parramatta’s elite fitness studio catering for all fitness levels by using time based functional circuit training and HIIT.

Training in the gym is just the beginning, we also include regular fitness testing to track your progress in becoming the best version of yourself.

The variety and randomness of our classes ensures classes are never dull or boring, and we ensure that every muscle gets tested.

We are also actively creating a community with regular ‘Agoge’ competitions, and community gatherings and events.

Our Warrior classes are designed to cater for all types of fitness levels, from the beginner to the elite, and our trainers will monitor you to ensure correct form is adhered to, plus give that extra push when needed to create the new stronger, fitter and healthier YOU.


The Spartan ‘Agoge’ was implemented by the Spartans to produce the strongest and fittest warriors in both their body and mind. At Spartan Fitness Academy we want to follow this philosophy and have created our own Agoge through a series of tests. Read More